2016 International Projects

Every year, ORT Toronto selects a few projects from World ORT’s portfolio. These are the projects we will direct our funding to this year:

Beer Sheva College of Technology,  Israel

Kadoorie School

The Beer Sheva College of Technology was founded 60 years ago by Golda Meir. Despite the College’s excellent reputation and results, many years of under investment and insufficient government funding have led to outdated infra-structure, including badly equipped laboratories (with equipment from the 1970s and 80s). In addition, the College is unable to attract the best lecturers or to invest in current and new study tracks.

The College also struggles to attract top students and currently serves many students from low socio-economic backgrounds, often resulting in a high dropout rate. All these elements only add to the image problem of vocational training in Israel. However, the college is a key player in responding to the aforementioned national challenges by producing trained graduates in technical and vocational professions both for the Israeli high tech industry as a whole and in particular for the Negev.

The college requires funding for:

  • up-to-date laboratories in the fields of electronics ($256,000)
  • up-to-date laboratories for gas engineering ($217,600)
  • up-to-date laboratories for chemistry ($192,000)
  • Cyber studies track is designed to explore the differences and boundaries between information security and the world of Cyber Warfare. The college will provide trained professional manpower for the ICT Centres in their upgraded labs ($192,000).
  • upgrade the air conditioning and electronics, redesign classrooms and replace of the asbestos roofs ($716,800).
  • Joint branding of the potential donor name and the Beer Sheva College is ($ 89,000).

World ORT Kadima Mada Educating Israel’s Most Vulnerable Students


World ORT’s Kadina Mada plan includes: intervention in under-resourced schools, after-school enrichment, specific programs such as vocational training for Arab Israelis and Haredim.

Over the next three years, World ORT is aiming to raise a minimum of $5 million to bring its schools up to the level of other schools in Israel.

At the request of the Israeli government, World ORT will focus on the

  • Far Hasidim Religious Youth village (near Haifa)
  • Hodayot Religious Youth village (many students come from immigrant Ethiopian families)
  • Abir Yaakov (located 6 miles from the Lebanese border)

Phase 1 – $535,000/year

  • purchase clothes, shoes, school supplies, glasses and dental treatment
  • learning disability assessments
  • educational and enriching school outings and field trips.

Phase 2

  • classroom renovations with smart Class Technology $25,000/class
  • repair walls, floors, ceilings, air-conditioning, windows and more $xxx/school
  • science labs $36,000/lab
  • computer labs $50,000/lab
  • STEM enrichment program $50,000

Detailed project proposals for the above three World ORT projects are available on request.