Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Imagine your life without texting or the internet.  Imagine writing all your homework assignments by hand.  For $1,000, you can donate a laptop to a student in need.
Lily Chapnik Recital 017

When Lily Savannah Chapnik decided to share her Bat Mitzvah monies with a needy student in Israel, she did not anticipate she would find a new friend.  Her recipient, Adel Khatibi had excellent grades and was first in his class.  Due to an illness, he had to stop going to school. With his new laptop, he can study from home and he can learn English from his new pen pal, Lily.



Eloise Greenfield Greenspan,  donated her Bat Mitzvah money to purchase laptops for students in need in Israel.  Two young girls in Israel, Sefiager and Ma’ayan, were the lucky recipients. They were very excited and moved to receive such a wonderful present.



Are you having your Bar/Bat Mitzvah soon?  Find out how you can change the life of a student in need in Cuba, India, Israel, Latin American or Russia.

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