Recent Local Projects

In previous years, ORT Toronto supported the following educational initiatives:

  • Pathways to Education – donated a smart board to their Regent Park Community Centre where they mentor over 900 grade 9-12 at-risk students.
  • Rose Avenue Public School – donated a smart lab and smart board in this public school in St Jamestown neighborhood.
  • DANI – donated a state-of-the-art smart board.  This centre provides skills training to young adults with physical and/or cognitive challenges.
  • Peer Mediation Training Program – This program equipped students attending TDSB high schools in the Jane/Finch neighborhood with self-management skills in conflict resolution.  Participating students became instructors to teach conflict resolution techniques to younger students.
  • Ontario College of Art and Design OCAD – annual student scholarships
  • Ryerson University – annual student scholarships