Securities:  The Canadian government has eliminated capital gains tax on listed stocks donated to registered charities. When you donate securities, you will receive a charitable donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities, just as if your gift had been a cash donation.

  • The value will be based on the closing value of the security on the day that the stock is donated.
  • You will receive a charitable receipt for the entire amount of the gift, which you can then apply to your current taxes.
  • The simplest way to make your gift (and to minimize fees) is to transfer the shares electronically from your account to ORT Toronto’s brokerage account. Please call us and we will help facilitate your gift.

State of Israel Bonds:

If you would like to support Israel today and help our students in the coming years, consider purchasing a State of Israel Bond in the name of the ORT Canada. You will be issued a tax receipt for the amount purchased at the time of purchase.